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  1. How NHS Hack Day helped the housing sector

    A guest post by Scott Tandy

    I am not really one for conferences and network events, therefore, the thought of going to NHS Hack day 23, on a Saturday sounded ridiculous to me. That said, for some unbeknown reason I plucked up the courage and attended. I did a bit of research beforehand to know what...

  2. Free childcare at NHS Hack Day #23

    Why we're providing free childcare at our next hack day in Cardiff

    At NHS Hack Day inclusivity is important to us. In 2018 (our last NHS Hack Day in Cardiff) we had aFairer Tech Event grant from doteveryone which we used to work with Barod to bring a group from Carmarthenshire People First, an organisation which supports adults with...

  3. NHS Hackday #22 Tickets

    Why we're trialling a lottery application process

    We are trying something different with tickets for NHS Hackday #22 (London 2019). NHS Hack Day London is our flagship annual event and has historically always been over-subscribed. However we have also always had a proportion of no-shows on the day which isn’t great for those missing out on tickets....

  4. Everything you ever wanted to know about pitching

    How to escape imposter syndrome

    If you’re new to NHS Hack Day (and even if you’re not), the thought of pitching your idea to an entire room of people is quite daunting. So who should pitch at NHS Hack Day? And what even is a pitch anyway…? Let’s cover the what and who bits first....

  5. Top 10 tips for awesome pitches

    Make the most of your opportunity to pitch to our smart and interested audience

    So, you’re considering pitching at NHS Hack Day – that’s great! We’ve collected together some tips that we think can help you make your pitch even more awesome. This is not a requirements list for pitching, but we’ve found that thinking about these things can really help refine our ideas....