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NHS Hackday #22 Tickets

Why we're trialling a lottery application process


We are trying something different with tickets for NHS Hackday #22 (London 2019).

NHS Hack Day London is our flagship annual event and has historically always been over-subscribed. However we have also always had a proportion of no-shows on the day which isn’t great for those missing out on tickets. This year we have a great venue but a slightly smaller capacity than normal which has made us reassess how we do things with tickets. Our venue for NHS Hack Day #22 has a capacity of 120.

We’ve decided to try and both reduce the number of no-shows and be as fair as possible with the distribution of the limited number of tickets rather than relying on a first come first served basis.

For this event we are using a multi stage application process and lottery to allocate tickets:

  1. Apply for tickets (applications were open until 31-Mar-2019 and we have received more than 300 applications).
  2. Ticket offers will be sent via email during April - you will have ONE WEEK to accept the offer. Lottery winners are selected at random from the list of applications.
  3. Accept offer of ticket by following link in the offer email confirming attendance for both days.

Because of such high demand for tickets, any unclaimed tickets will be given to the next set of lottery winners etc until all tickets have been allocated.

Please commit to both days

We ask that when you accept a ticket you commit to attending the whole event on both Saturday and Sunday. Making actual “products” isn’t necessarily the aim of an NHS Hackday. It is about having a great time, learning something and meeting some brilliant people.


We have taken the difficult decision to adopt an approach similar to UK Gov Camp and other events: there is a zero tolerance policy on attendance. If you accept a ticket but find you are unable to attend, please cancel your ticket or let us know as early as possible so that we can re-allocate your ticket.

If you do not attend without cancelling or speaking with us, you won’t be able to attend future events.

Help us experiment

This is something new for how we run events so there may well be glitches and things that can be done better we are always looking to improve. If you have an feedback or questions email us at hello@nhshackdays.com


  1. Can I still apply for tickets?
    No. It wouldn’t be fair on the other applicants. We do try to run multiple NHS Hack Days throughout the year and across the UK so please sign-up to our mailing list and/or follow us on twitter to stay up to date with future events.

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