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ScheDoula: Delivering your lists with less labour

Developed at: London, 24 — 25 Feb 2024

CC BY-NC Paul Clarke


Revolutionising healthcare by automating surgical workflows, optimising theatre lists, and enhancing patient experiences with real-time data

Introducing ScheDoula, a revolutionary application poised to revolutionize theater scheduling within healthcare settings. ScheDoula leverages cutting-edge automation to address the inefficiencies commonly encountered in healthcare facility operations, particularly in theater scheduling.

ScheDoula excels in its capacity to prevent unnecessary cancellations and associated complications, streamlining scheduling processes and optimizing theater resource utilization. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions to planned surgeries, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced peri-operative anxiety. Patients benefit from enhanced certainty regarding their scheduled procedures and minimized fasting periods.

Beyond its impact on patients, ScheDoula enhances the overall surgical experience by facilitating smoother coordination of procedures and reducing wait times. Real-time updates and personalized notifications alleviate patient concerns, contributing to a more positive pre-operative journey.

Moreover, ScheDoula fosters improved staff coordination and communication by optimizing theater schedules and reducing the need for overtime work. This fosters a supportive and efficient work environment, bolstering staff morale and ultimately enhancing patient care.

Through its data-driven approach, ScheDoula provides healthcare professionals with accurate performance insights, empowering informed decision-making regarding resource allocation and operational enhancements. By identifying areas for optimization and enhancing theater efficiency, ScheDoula ensures that healthcare facilities deliver top-tier care while maximizing operational efficiency.

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