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Killing Fax

Developed at: Birmingham, 18 — 19 Jul 2018

CC BY-NC Paul Clarke


Sending faxes in critical care situations is cumbersome and requires double checking and safety netting, making it an inefficient means of communicating critical information. At the same time, faxes are universal. How can you replace faxes, one use case at a time? Secure Instant Messaging, with role based 'virtual pager' allows for secure, compliant, auditable, verifiable and FAST information transfer.

Faxes bad. Instant Messaging (IM) good.

Clinically appropriate IM is good for doctor to doctor communication. For doctor to role communication (like cardiologist on call), Medxnote provides a ‘virtual pager’ solution allowing clinicians to subscribe to specific roles.

In this example doctors are subscribing to @cardiology in the hospital environment, so they can receive referrals.

What’s good about this approach is:

  1. IM centric, very shallow learning curve.
  2. It distinguishes between the user and the role.
  3. It allows for multiple subscribers to roles and multiple roles per subscriber.
  4. It can operate in parallel to fax.
  5. It doesn’t require a waterfall approach across an entire Trust, hospital, etc to make an impact.
  6. It’s a solution that’s repeatable across multiple areas, not just cardiology.
  7. It’s a repurposing of existing proven technologies and is available for implementation today.