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UGO Feedback

Developed at: Manchester, 15 — 16 Jul 2017

CC BY-NC Paul Clarke


There is a misconception that NHS services provide a below average level of service for patients. We don't think this is the case, but we don't have good datasets to help prove this. Although there are various sites out there that provide feedback, this is rarely captured at the time the patient is accessing the service. UGO aims to provide a quick and simple way for patients to provide some feedback data immediately after attending a service, so that the data is as accurate to their experience as possible. The MVP is built around interactions with urgent care, where there is an existing opportunity (and precedence) for engaging with the patient via SMS which provides a direct channel to follow-up with the patient after the visit. This data can then be used by the NHS to truly evaluate the value of the visit from the patient's perspective. It could be used for monitoring the 'pulse' of patient outcomes across NHS services, and direct attention where services fall below the expected standard.



Code and Licence

Source code: https://github.com/mattstibbs/nhshd-service-api


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