NHS Hack Day - Geeks who love the NHS

NHS Public Data

Developed at: Manchester, 15 — 16 Jul 2017

CC BY-NC Paul Clarke


Most people believe that NHS is complicated and difficult to understand. We believe public data about the NHS should be simple, engaging, and open to all. We’ve built a platform to better understand public NHS data that gives people the power to get things changed. We aim to share this so it can be used by anyone, anywhere. We believe that a learning and accountable health and care system is vital to our common welfare, and that this only survives when people can understand the NHS. We work with online technologies because the internet can lower the barriers to taking the first step to understanding data about the NHS, and it can do so at scale



Code and Licence

Source code: https://github.com/nickpettican/NHS-Data-Table-Parser


Twitter: @pettitweets @bexmoxon @paul_furley @ms_s_ashcroft @jdrumgoole