NHS Hack Day - Geeks who love the NHS


Developed at: Manchester, 15 — 16 Jul 2017

CC BY-NC Paul Clarke


TeachMeMed is an Alexa based, spaced-repetition question bank to help medical students prepare for their exams. Using Alexa caters to other learning styles (auditory and verbal) that traditional multiple choice question banks do not - and provides interactivity (as well as freeing up both your hands - imagine what you can do!). Margo is a cross-platform plugin intended to support reflective practice among medical students. It does this by providing relevant prompts in response to reflective accounts written by the student.

Code and Licence

Source code: https://github.com/alanionita/NHS-Hackday-Margo-Bot https://github.com/alanionita/NHS-Hackday-Teach-Me-Med


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