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Developed at: Manchester, 15 — 16 Jul 2017

CC BY-NC Paul Clarke


At the minute there is a lot of dead time in the communication between dental practices and dental labs which promote inefficiencies and create disorganized information. Patients get disappointed at their appointments causing frustration which could harm the reputation of both practice and lab. The use of paper also creates problems of storage as both parties are required to save records for the life of the dental device. Additionally, dentists have rigorous tasks of sending and managing patient images- some take and send patient images from their phones! Our solution is to create a digital platform that would simplify how dentists prepare prescriptions and send orders to dental labs. With cloud based servers, the dental practice/dental lab would not need to save paperwork as it would all be stored in the cloud. Which means that users can have real time access to patient orders always. More so, the platform would simplify how dentists send and manage patient images saving them time and ensuring legal compliance.



Code and Licence

Source code: https://github.com/connectcases/connectcases-prototype


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