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Improving inpatient patient lists at King's College Hospital - PRUH Site

Developed at: Cardiff, 24 — 25 Jan 2015

CC BY-NC Paul Clarke


(not presenting) Current situation: when patient is admitted to medical division, their details are added to excel spreadsheet called the take list. The next day this is renamed Post take list and patient details are also copied on the white board in AMU during MDT meeting. The day after, those patients that haven't been discharged are copied on a AMU Team list. From there, they are transferred to general wards, and their details added to the respective Ward list. On Friday, some patient details are transcribed to the on call list. All these lists are hosted on shared excel files, which are stored on a shared folder accessible without password from any trust PC. Problems: - Information at risk of confidentiality breach - High risk of error, as multiple lists not updated simultaneously, and patient details have to be rewritten several times during course of admission. - Time consuming Solution: - Explored different existing solutions and will bring these back to hospital IT team to make a start on business case to implement new solution. Ideal solution: fully integrated patient list, containing all relevant information about the patient (demographics, medical background and diagnosis, pending jobs, investigations, etc). The list has tailored views depending who accesses it and is hosted on secure servers, accessible via individual log in. Patient information migrates across different wards as the patient moves through the hospital until they are discharged.