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Open BNF

Developed at: London, 26 — 27 May 2012


Open BNF provides an online version of the BNF that can be accessed via any device.

Open BNF was built as an exploratory research project at an NHS Hack Day to explore better ways of providing health professionals with access to drug dosage information via their mobile phones whilst they are working on wards.

It was built by a group of doctors and developers who gave up their weekend and to try and make the NHS run a bit smoother.

Since this is a research project it should not be used in real medical situations; BNF.org remains the definitive source, and the copyright of the data remains theirs.

There are plans to talk to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain to see how to best collaborate.

Code and Licence

Source code: https://github.com/nhshackday/mobileformulary


Twitter: @thatdavidmiller @jongillham @vgul @tomtaylor
Email: hello@openhealthcare.org.uk