Gloucester, 14 — 15 Oct 2017

Hosted by Gloucestershire STP, at Sanger House, Gloucester organised by the NHS Hack Day Team.


What Are We Waiting For Collecting data on inpatient waiting times for procedures, tests, social packages and transport and exposing that data to decision makers in near-real time. Aiming to reduce the time which patients spend in hospital through more efficient resource management. @oroszms @james_harrop website , code
uNHS A product that is a resource for the GP and patients to change their health behaviours for a healthier lifestyle. The product is aimed to be a one stop of the patient and GP.
My Body Map My body map tries to make life easier for transgender people and anyone who has had organs removed to inform their GP and screening services of what organs remain in their body. It helps patient in their ability to assert that data on their bodies is accurate and avoids stigmatising people who may feel bothered by the current screening processes sending emails about tests they may not need. @robblagden @DeckOfPandas @CaleiSmith @TheBeckiB @curtomil website , code
Predict An artificial intelligence engine, using open data streams, to forecast the number of people attending your local Accident & Emergency department the next day. @team8digital @species5618 @callumgwt website
FastPass v2 To simplify the resetting of users' passwords. This product will now reset both the user's computer account and NHS Mail account relieving the user of having to differentiate between them and remember both, with the ensuring confusion when the differing accounts and passwords get mixed up. This will also lead to a reduction in calls to our service desk.
Care Transfer A system to allow Acute services to share discharge service requirements with community to the impaptient population to aid more rapid access to release bed blockers and expedite return to home for patients.


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