Manchester, 15 — 16 Jul 2017

Held at Federation, Manchester and organised by the NHS Hack Day Team.

Blog posts about the event


Margo/TeachMeMed TeachMeMed is an Alexa based, spaced-repetition question bank to help medical students prepare for their exams. Using Alexa caters to other learning styles (auditory and verbal) that traditional multiple choice question banks do not - and provides interactivity (as well as freeing up both your hands - imagine what you can do!) Margo is a cross-platform plugin intended to support reflective practice among medical students. It does this by providing relevant prompts in response to reflective accounts written by the student. @algaio @maotweets @therajsethi @shwe3 @09Emmar Lewis Murphy Margo , Teach Me Med
UGO Feedback There is a misconception that NHS services provide a below average level of service for patients. We don't think this is the case, but we don't have good datasets to help prove this. Although there are various sites out there that provide feedback, this is rarely captured at the time the patient is accessing the service. UGO aims to provide a quick and simple way for patients to provide some feedback data immediately after attending a service, so that the data is as accurate to their experience as possible. The MVP is built around interactions with urgent care, where there is an existing opportunity (and precedence) for engaging with the patient via SMS which provides a direct channel to follow-up with the patient after the visit. This data can then be used by the NHS to truly evaluate the value of the visit from the patient's perspective. It could be used for monitoring the 'pulse' of patient outcomes across NHS services, and direct attention where services fall below the expected standard. @dianereddell @mattstibbs @d4ryl_c @steplant2 Leo Edwards Joseph Connor Demo , Source
FastPass Currently, 20% of calls to our IT service desk are for password resets. On top of this, 13% of calls are not answered due to staffing and resources. Our goal is to reduce the amount of password reset calls to just 10% to allow our service desk to support all of our staff. We have designed FastPass with this in mind. FastPass is a Web based app that allows users to easily change their password when they forget it. With up to 17million people in the UK forgetting their password on a regular basis, FastPass is ideal for getting clinical and non clinical staff up and working again in a matter of seconds. @Robblagden @thebeckib Nick Matt @mrmikekj @joshetherton website
Surgical Operation Notes : Ruby to Opal Surgical operation notes form a key part of a patient's digital peri-operative care record. We had a legacy web app written in Ruby v1.x that had 15K+ records but did not meet IG requirements and was due to be deleted. Our team managed to get it running, exported the db schema and re-built it using Opal. Grant Forrest Adrian Wilkins Ross Jones Project Link
NHS Public Data Most people believe that NHS is complicated and difficult to understand. We believe public data about the NHS should be simple, engaging, and open to all. We’ve built a platform to better understand public NHS data that gives people the power to get things changed. We aim to share this so it can be used by anyone, anywhere. We believe that a learning and accountable health and care system is vital to our common welfare, and that this only survives when people can understand the NHS. We work with online technologies because the internet can lower the barriers to taking the first step to understanding data about the NHS, and it can do so at scale. @pettitweets @bexmoxon @paul_furley @ms_s_ashcroft @jdrumgoole Data , Source
Health and Social Care Science-fiction story The short-story is being written in response to Writing the Future, the leading science fiction prize for health and health care. Using a series of vignettes, our story focuses on the development and evolution of Life AI, as a highly disruptive personal health technology over the next 80 years to 2100, exploring its social impact, both intended and unintended. Having begun the 10,000 word story at NHS Hackday we will complete it by the 8 August deadline and donate half of our £10,000 prize to support future NHS Hackday events. @lucillevalentin @digitalhealth2 Christine Rhidian Bramley and many other attendees at NHS Hackday Manchester 15-16 July Story
Super Trendy Interactive data explorer for EHR data to enable dynamic exlporations of trends in patient cohorts. @fredkingham @DrTechnophile Source
ED Sim Emergency departments are under significant constraints which impacts service provision, most visibly demonstrated by A&E waiting times. We have developed a model to simulate patient flow through an emergency department to highlight impacts of staffing levels on patient wellbeing and experience. This is of value to clinical leads, and financial officers in terms of resource costs and operations to plan staffing levels and service delivery to maximise utilisation, and avoid bottlenecks. And ultimately this will be of greatest value to patients and their loved ones. Michael Barry Matt Townend @likelylinear @aidanhs Timothy Cuffe @soo_emz @CIOPortfolio @enirehtackam Website , Source
Beaconified patients Beacon location push notification to patients in NHS specific location to sign up for online services and set data sharing preferences. Could be used in future for health promotion, seasonal campaigns etc @comparesoftware @amcunningham @patientonline1 @drpaulatkinson @jharringtonnhs @blu3id Project Link
Connectcases At the minute there is a lot of dead time in the communication between dental practices and dental labs which promote inefficiencies and create disorganized information. Patients get disappointed at their appointments causing frustration which could harm the reputation of both practice and lab. The use of paper also creates problems of storage as both parties are required to save records for the life of the dental device. Additionally, dentists have rigorous tasks of sending and managing patient images- some take and send patient images from their phones! Our solution is to create a digital platform that would simplify how dentists prepare prescriptions and send orders to dental labs. With cloud based servers, the dental practice/dental lab would not need to save paperwork as it would all be stored in the cloud. Which means that users can have real time access to patient orders always. More so, the platform would simplify how dentists send and manage patient images saving them time and ensuring legal compliance. @Vicdavictorious @zarino @morty_uk Demo , Source
Mobi-Alarm Mobi-Alarm is an app for lone workers. Mobi-Alarm uses intuitive interactions to enable professionals to communicate discretely in times of crisis @steve-hilton @hmweti @matt10862 Project Link
TYME Capture There are currently 850,000 people with dementia in the UK. Care for patients with dementia costs a total of over 26 billion per year. Dementia represents a significant loss of quality of life for those suffering from the disease but also for their loved ones. A key to reducing the negative impact of this progressive disease is through early detection. This would allow medication to be given in order to slow down disease progression, ensure adequate, timely care for those who need it and support for their loved ones. @Salma_Khatun100 @PhilReedData @MartaDenkiewicz Chiragg Thakrar @Chippychigz @SaffronSheriff Project Link


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