Newcastle, 1 — 2 Oct 2016

Held at The Core, Newcastle, and organised by Becky Wassall.


WETFLAG Paed Resus Webapp to replace whiteboard Imran @phreekedelic @BannyPotter Gilly Dom Rowey @Marcus_Baw Project Link
Mind Moments MindMoments @JamMcllroy @jakelaurie @katiecarnie Jenny Williams Kev Wentworth @bannypotter Martyn Quinlan Richard Hammond @tom__gorman Project Link
North Share Prototype information sharing permission system @comparesoftware @NetworkLouise @blu3id @TomJohnFoley Julie Falconer @geordiemedic @xavierdrake Project Link
Random events counter An app to get track of random things happening (or not) @y_akopov Project Link
My Surgery (Paediatric Surgery App) Paediatric Surgery Information App @Me_Matt_B @DrTechnophile Mike Leggate Andrew Shaw @fredkingham Project Link
PaLReP Patient Led Research Platform Kathleen Vancleef Harry Coenen Sven Fischer Lisa McClure Eve Barabas Project Link
DysBit We have produced a prototype programme that will allow a patient or clinician to use any available activity tracker device to monitor dystonic movements. @drrajlodh Dimitar Ivanov @cycleandwalk @alistair @abbott567 Project Link
I Can Prevent Delirium Delirium HUB app available for download Dr M S Krishnan @SolineaGroupLtd Maya Redzik Helen Dalton Kev W. Paras Patel Project Link
eAdvice Instant advice from Doctor to Patient directly via Mobile Ed Hiller @Gaur4vGaur @justuks97 Lisa Wisdom Rakeeb Chowdhury @sandeep19432574 @seckwei @MurphyDanni @BageCraig Project Link
Find a Community Dental Clinic near you To allow visibility of the CDS to people who need to use these services ‏@neilbmclaughlin @lucillevalentin Project Link


NHS Hack Day would not be possible without the help of our excellent sponsors.