Cambridge, 2 — 3 Nov 2013

Held at the University Centre, Cambridge, and organised by Kristian Glass.

Photo by Caffeinehit ©

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iPatch iPatch is an application for tracking the treatment of lazy eyes in children and adults. @diamondsparker @philpursglove Project Link
3D-printed Brachy Moulds Martin Green
NHS Rainbow Information about LGBTQ*-friendly health services by geographic location. Rachel Graves @didlix Camille Baldock @camille_ldn Project Link
CellClustr Image-recognition functionality for Sadiq Jaffer @sadiqj John Winn @johnmwinnm Duncan Brian @haematologic Oscar Bennett Wai Keong Wong @wai2k
Task Hero Manuel Ryan Imran Heidi Steve Tilman
PatientRFID Yuriy Akopov @y_akopov Project Link
FYi @jonjhilton Project Link
Martyn Loughran @mloughran Dafydd Loughran Dafydd Loughran Dan Lashley
Practiceminder Allen Lin @allenlin Anne Marie Cunningham @amcunningham Phelim Bradley @phelimb Ole Schulz-Trieglaff Matt Bates @mattbates25 Brice Fernandes @fractallambda Project Link
Online Pre-Op Assessment Gareth Mula @gazrhys Andrew Davey @andrewdavey
healthBridge Jonny Austin rinter is @bergcloud on loan from @cammakespace
Up and About Wai Keong Wong @wai2k Ross Jones @rossjones
MyHeart Hans @hanspinckaers Michele @mattions Matias @mz2 Tom @tomcallender @mdogruel
MedicPic Vishaal Virani @vishv19 Meredydd Luff @meredydd Veron Lai @norev517 @PsychOrBust


NHS Hack Day would not be possible without the help of our excellent sponsors.

Stickers and design work
£600 towards food
Networking, virtual server credits, and video streaming
£600 towards food