Oxford, 26 — 27 Jan 2013

Held at Tingewick Hall, John Radcliffe hospital, and organised by Dr Carl Reynolds.

Photo by Paul Clarke ©

Blog posts about the event


What's in my fridge? Database driven webapp for keeping an inventory of chemicals, reagents, antibodies etc in lab fridges. Allows browsing and searching of other labs' fridges. Omer Saeed Jim Blundell (@jeblundell) Ayesha Garrett (@londonlime) Nick Smith (@nimasmi) Project Link
nhshd-videohack Video consultations for assisted living @robdykedotcom Project Link
NHS website technology audit @colinwren @rjmunro @marianamota @hjonesdesign
Overview of technology used by NHS websites Project Link
MutoUK Muto is a new way for health activists to find each other and connect using their existing social network platforms @simon_penny @amcunningham @create_together @cdalgety Project Link
SharpScartch Collaborative platform for helping healthcare professionals perform safer and more effective clinical procedures whilst maximising patient experience. @wai2k @maryacaman @gerhardlazu @szywon Project Link
Active Letter A system for improving continuity of care when patients are discharged to GP care. Charlie Crichton Grant Vallance Andrew Tsui Jonathan Kay Anna (GP advisor) Project Link
Cellcountr A web-based platform for aiding interpretation of bone marrow aspirate quickly and accurately Wai Keong (@wai2k) Duncan Brian (@haematologic) Oliver Madge Craig Loftus Martin Green James Clemence (@jvc26) Project Link
Quicklog Rapid procedures log application Conrad Lee (@ckwl1) Michael George Roy Lines (@roylinesuk) James Bloomer (@bigdumbobject) Kieran Gutteridge (@kgutteridge) Andrew Vizor Project Link
Dementia Scrapbook An app that connects people with dementia to their memories, friends and family @drdoctorapp Project Link
Who Cares? Identify GP, community and social services that service a particular address. @inglesp @qofdatabase Tom Project Link
Open Prescribing Open prescribing data API & HFC Inhaler visualisations @thatdavidmiller @symroe @bmcjamin @simon_films Project Link
OpenHeart Use of the OpenEyes framework to create a cardiology EPR Bill.Aylward (bill.aylward@openeyes.org.uk) Mark Wadham (@m4rkw) Philip Brook Charlie Butcher Jamie Neil Tim Knowles (@knowlesarian) Project Link
NHS Commissioning Data Mailer Splices Commissioning Data based on Practice Code and Emails via NHS.net to respective surgeries @razatoosy @JackUkleja Project Link
Who Funded? Who's funded your doctor's trials? @doismellburning @ajamesphillips @je4d Project Link
CCGsee Online viewer for Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) boundaries and data. Andy South Chris Martin Rob Aldridge Barry Rowlingson Project Link
Oportfolio Oportfolio: like eportfolio but doesn't suck LJ (@_elljay_) Ed (@podmedicsed) Nick (@ntoll) George (@ghickman) Les (@ldrewery) Jeremy (@iHiD) Robin (@nottrobin) Eleanor (@_elsouth) Bernard (@ho_bernie) Helga (@sharkli) Project Link


NHS Hack Day would not be possible without the help of our excellent sponsors.

£3000 towards lunch http://www.commissioningboard.nhs.uk/
£500 for best overall knowledge managment project + £100 towards refreshments http://www.nesta.org.uk/
Books http://www.oreilly.com/
£500 knowledge management in diabetes http://www.health.org.uk/
t-shirts + £100 for best conflict of interest hack http://openhealthcare.org.uk/
£500 towards refreshments + free hosting trial for 4 months for whoever wants it http://www.bytemark.com/
£100 for best conflict interest of hack http://www.badscience.net
£200 for knowledge management hack