London, 26 — 27 May 2012

Held at the University of London Union, and organised by Carl Reynolds.

Photo by Paul Clarke ©

Blog posts about the event


ChecklistHQ Checklist curation for doctors @wai2k @ntoll Florian Alex Dan Tony Project Link
ICE Info In case of Emergency Infomation @sammachin
OpenPseudonymiser Open source utilities for inter-operable pseduonymisation of patient identifiable data at source in NHS clinical systems @juliahcox Project Link Tracking and requesting fixes for bug in the NHS @rossjones @nottrobin @karlwilliams @colinwren Project Link
Patient List Daily patient list creator @mowat27 @paulanthonywils @Hilakata @robdykedotcom @jongillham Project Link Confront your spare tyre. Daily. @reallycare_mark @roylinesuk @meyouhana @douglivingston @jreeve0 Project Link
Adding Sparql to the NHS with SMART Smart app demo using HES dataset @rtweed @rcw1969 @interstar @crimble24 Project Link
Bleep Bleep disruptive software as service mobile contact solution for clinicians Malcolm newbury simone avossa sean radford joe *apple tony knowles francis wong greg hall Project Link Solving obesity by tracking and rewarding self-control and healthy eating habits Vicky Cullen Anne Hsu Tom O'Brien Ian Guy Bruno Cepollina Adam Towler Project Link
Renal Patient View 2.0 Renal patient view-patients as partners in their care @doismellburning Project Link
Mobile Formulary Get current prescribing data on your mobile phone @thatdavidmiller @jongillham @vgul @tomtaylor Project Link
Remindr A service for sending scheduled reminder messages about medication schemes, repeat prescriptions and appointments to patients via SMS. @lukemcneice @kouphax @willhamill @ruairiq @lukaszbudnik @kylethompson86 Project Link
Draw Sympthing Draw Something for diseases @invisiblecomma Project Link
Radiotherapy scheduling tool Efficiently schedules resources to provide radiotherapy care @silas_davis Project Link
Funnelplots avoiding league tables for public health data @darkgreener


NHS Hack Day would not be possible without the help of our excellent sponsors.

£5000 unrestricted
£3226.40 venue costs + £4560 refreshments (healthy lunch + tea and coffee for 200 for 2 days @ULU) + £200 prizes (inc t-shirts)+ approx £500 on pub meets and other incidental costs (total £8486.40)|
£150 amazon vouchers as prizes for best nhshackday scraper
Raspberry Pi
Cloud computing time
£250 unrestricted
£2000 catering sponsorship for 200 attendees