Liverpool, 22 — 23 Sep 2012

Held at Liverpool School of Art and Design, and organised by Ross Jones.

Photo by Hilts uk ©

Blog posts about the event


OpFast A convenient and elegant way for patients to complete a wide variety of health forms, which can be exported for clinicians (PDF) or for the patient's clinical record (XML). Michael Odling-Smee
CellCountr Helping you make Bone Marrow Diagnosis faster, more accurate and more fun! Wai Keong (@wai2k) Duncan (@haematologic) Helen (@DeckOfPandas) James (@jvc26) Oliver Ian (@ianmcnicoll) Jo Leng Project Link
eMyergency Log Incident management log for public health doctors Louise Wilson Andrew Leeming and Brendan O'Brien (@drbrendanobrien) Project Link
Conflict of interest Shining a light on conflict of interest in the medical literature @doismellburning @thatdavidmiller @je4d @rossjones @drcjar Project Link
Bleep Bleep Smart Phone/Administration solution for clinicians/hospital staff to contact other clinicians/wards more efficiently Malcolm Newbury Humberto Enriques Adam Rush Stuart Smith Tim Knowles Adam Roberts Colin Coulthard
Social Network Social Network for the NHS, for patients, family and support workers to support patients and for doctors to support patients. Doctors can subscribe to groups, sign is via a 256-bit QR CODE. @enigmaticflare Project Link
Proms + Paperless PROMS @ilinksinnovator Project Link
Making Sense of Patient Comments Collection of resources for analysing and visualising the content of large numbers of patient comments Katherine Koerner Emma Doyle (@wallastow) Richard He Louis Rickman Rick Hewes Matt Ellis Ewan Davis Project Link
I don't speak optician Conversion tool for Transposition of the Cylinder Paul M Project Link
AskIt Askit is a kit for asking questions and capturing the answers electronically. @robdykedotcom @tactix4 Project Link
Guidelines at a Glance A repository of the most important parts of clinical guidance doctors most regularly use Damian Roland (@damian_roland) Keith Atkins Hildegard Franke Kirsten Leath Project Link
POFAST (Patient Pre-Op Assessments) Electronic, Patient Completed Pre-Op Assessment form @odlingsmee @kylethompson86 @willhamil @kouphax @gazrhys Project Link
NHS ePortfolio data liberation front Extracting data from the walled garden that is the NHS E-Portfolio @ntoll @_elljay_ @marcus_baw Project Link
OpenPropofol TCI A mobile application for anaesthesia, to enable safe delivery of propofol without the need for an expensive pump. @resusbot @chrisb33 @timd Martin Green Project Link
Pretreatment Worklist Organisation and analysis of pretreatment work flow in radiotherapy Martin Green
WTFdoc NHS jargon busting web app @carlplant @colinwren Project Link


NHS Hack Day would not be possible without the help of our excellent sponsors.

£3000 unrestricted
Venue/Staff/Media/T-shirts etc
£4000 unrestricted
Ticket to Strata - best big data project
Patient involvement in patient safety prize
Prizes - best Juju charm (
Prizes - best use of ScraperWiki (
Google Nexus 7 tablet
Google Nexus 7 tablet
Google Nexus 7 tablet
Google Nexus 7 tablet
Google Nexus 7 tablet
Design wizardry inc. NHS Hack Day Logos, t-shirts, and stickers
Samsung Galaxy Tablet - best use of open data